“Rad in the name of your Lord who created, reated man from clots of blood. Read! Your Lord is the most Bounteous, wo has taught the use of the pen, has taught man what he did not know.” (Quran, AlQalm-Pen), Those were the first ayaat in Quran that had been told to Mohammad Peace be upon him and this how he started his journey in Islam.

Brave, Fearless, Strong, Romantic, Wise, Believer, Humble, Moderate, Faithful, Intelligent and Hard worker this is how can we describe him; he was the Founder of Islam. Orphan with no parents but at the same time full of emotions that lead him to fall in love with woman older than him. Worked in different places and fields without any shame, and he had never judged a book by its cover. He believed in diversity and exchanging mind and that we are all united by brotherhood while his neighbor was a Jewish and his cousin in-law was christian. After his death, he had the strongest long lasting nation after him, and his last words were “Treat Women very well”

This man is my prophet ” Mohammed peace be upon him ”.

In this blog we will Share and Highlight the Role Model Of Muslims by showing his significant words, actions, victories and stories…..

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